Traditional Native American style flute in Eastern Red Cedar
Welcome to the gateway to the UK's makers of Native American and European style wooden flutes.

This site is a signpost to the craftsmen and musicians in the UK who have found that their flute journeys, which started with a love of Native American style flutes, have turned into a practical life path hand-making these beautiful haunting melodic instruments.

As a group and as individuals, we make a wide range of flutes - different styles, different woods, different traditions, but we all share the deep sense of respect for the ancestral spirits our work embodies. The links opposite will take you on a journey into our respective worlds, and we suggest you look at all the websites to
see which resonate with you.

And if you make flutes, and would like to join the group, please click here to make contact and be welcomed.

David Cartwright .
Second Voice Flutes
Hand-crafted 5, 6 & 7 hole flutes made from cedars and a wide range of indigenous and imported hardwoods. Designs from traditional NA to new Celtic, with painted, pyrographed or carved accents. Flutes for all levels, from novices and kids to professional concert players
nigel shaw

geoff norman

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seventh wave music

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second voice flutes

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